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Monday, August 3, 2015

Product review Battop Bluetooth Keyboard

Product Name: Battop Bluetooth keyboard
length of time with product: been using it off and on the last couple weeks
Price $10.99 at (got it for free with my gift cards)

I was in the market for a new keyboard for my ipad 2 for when i dont want to use the touch screen or doing something that is easier done on a actual keyboard. -- my other keyboard ls
asted barely 2 years and turned into a tempremental brick.

so i did a bunch of searching on amazon and comparing of prices and reading countless reviews and this one seemed to be everything i wanted. it is very compact, the price was great and the reviews were all very good.

It is a QWERTY keyboard  but doesnt have the additional num pad on the side, which doesnt bother me.  it does require 2 "aaa" batteries which are not included and they each set of batteries will give you 6 months of keyboard life, so we shall see.

the keys are really quiet when i type and aren't super stiff.  if you have questions about it, i will do my best to answer them so feel free to ask

overall, i really like it.

June 15th 2015
Product: Nancy Drew Game #32 -- Sea Of Darkness

Purchased on : June 8th 2015

Started playing on June 12th 2015

Completed game on June 15th 2015

Game Rating: "E 10+"  Everyone ages 10- adult

My thoughts on the game:

I absolutely LOVE the Nancy Drew Series of games for the PC and i currently own all 32 of the  games. most times i preorder so i can get the special edition that has a bonus task made right into the game for nancy to collect  charms for her cell phone.. sadly this time due to finances i couldn't do that, but  even without that added bonus the games are fun to play.

Now, onto  game #32 Sea Of Darkness the game is set in Iceland,  Nancy is there to locate a man named Magnus who has seemingly gone missing, the inhabitants of the town are all quite surly towards her-- except the guy that runs the cultural center... Soren, he seems nice.

As she looks for clues she soon learns about a treasure and  senses there might be more to this than just a person gone missing..

there are many conversations to be had with several people in the town-- 

Gunnar: heavyset  crotchety older gentleman spend all his time at the pub-- doesn't much care for tourists. past may have some secrets he is hiding.

Dagny: she is  the one who called Nancy and had her come to iceland , she is very gruff and very ..blunt 

Elizabet-- Magnus' on again off again girlfriend, when you meet her she seems sweet, but stuck on him horribly after their break up

Soren- sweet, nice looking guy that runs the cultural center... for some reason the whole town doesn't like him and treats him as an outsider. so he doesn't have a lot of friends.

Alex- you never see her but but talk to her at a couple key points in the game via  the ship radio and later via cell phone.. helpful, scatterbrained and somewhat--lazy? 

The puzzles in game are what you would expect in a nancy drew game, there was even a new type that i don't think we have seen in any game before-- and it got me so confused i stopped playing for a day and a half as i was so frustrated.

there is also a really sweet call between Ned and Nancy that die-hard Nancy drew fans with love :)

also like every Nancy drew game you can choose to play either as an amatur or  senior dective.  i always choose amatur because i know if i get too stuck i can get  hints if need be.

The ending of the game took a little twist but  was still rewarding.

the music and graphics were great in game.  

I totally give this game a 10/10 rating

a good rule of thumb i follow for any nancy drew game i play , is to have a good walkthrough nearby for if you get lost,stumped or stuck, it saves the headache, frustration and hassle of having to start your game completely over if you've missed a step along the way.

I am totally looking forward to #33 coming out this fall!


April 19th 2015

Product: Golden Girls Season 1 on DVD

Purchased on March 31st 2015

I remember spending saturday nights watching this on NBC with my mom as a teenager(7pm i think it was)

I ordered this  because i had  been wanting to get this series for awhile now-- so imagine my surprise when i finally had the time to open the season 1 set(i opened it on april 14th), and what was sold to me as a "brand new" copy  clearly wasn't!  the shrink wrap wasn't tight like it should have been-- it was very loosey goosey--  then after getting the plastic off, i noticed very visible,obvious signs of wear and tear on the outer sleeves.. discs 1& 3 were in perfect condition, but the shiny side of disc 2 was scratched to heck!

i was not a happy camper, so i hopped into an amazon live chat and they quickly resolved the situation-- getting a replacement season shipped out to me and a link for a return label to send the damaged on back to them..

I had my replacement season the very next day! and for my trouble i also got a promo code to use  when i shopped the next time.

this show always makes me laugh, and reliving the memories is gonna be awesome!

The Golden Girls: Season 1

April 19th 2015:
Product: Golden Girls Season 2 on DVD

Purchased on March 31st 2015

LOVE this show!! i am looking forward to being able to get the remaining seasons as well. this was an amazing series and to be able to watch it whenever i want without commercials is great!

they don't seem to make shows like this anymore and its sad.. blanche, dorothy,rose, and sophia--- THANK YOU for being a friend....

The Golden Girls: Season 2

April 19th 2015
Product: Sony BDPS3200 Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi (2014 Model)

Color: black

Pros: not too pricey
         works great
         easy to set up
         easy to use
         able to watch youtube on there
         able to watch several video subscriptions on there(this one is N/A to me as i don't have any of them)
          able to watch WWE Network on there (a must for me :) )

I purchased this on March 16th 2015 using gift cards i had earned from despite some shipping confusing(on which i was able to get refunded shipping)

I made a great choice to get this model to replace the one that died early on in the month in the living room... after researching several models and brands-- this one works great and is fairly compact, and i love the fact that i can watch WWE Network on it, or is also very easy to use too. i may actually purchase another one at some point as the one in the room with my PC gave up the ghost a couple weeks ago. just gotta save up the $$$ first.

i love the fact that it was easy to setup and and that it is super easy to use.


April 17th 2015:
Product: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish

Color: #380 "Peach Of Cake"

Pros: angled brush for more professional looking results.
          doesn't go on streaky
          good consistency, not too thin or too thick
          no horrible smell
          dries quickly
          great shine
          don't need a million coats to get look you desire

Cons: can be a little spendy

Cost: $6.99 on + shipping but since i had gift cards i got it for $0.00 out of pocket

Just Received this yesterday(we won't even discuss the pain in the .... that is UPS or the overkill packaging--LOL!)

Like the other polishes i have in this line from Sally Hansen, this one features the angled brush for less mess and more professional looking results(i did get some on my cuticles, but i was kinda doing my nails in a hurry)

I wasn't sure if i like the color at first because it looked lighter in the bottle than it did on my nails.. but now, it is growing on me more every time i look at it.

it reminds of peaches and cream or even sherbert that is the best way i can think of to describe the color.

the polish goes on smoothly and is not gloopy, dries fairly quickly and has a great shine to it, you also don't need a million coats to get the color you desire.

this is my 3rd color from this line of polish by Sally Hansen, and i can't wait to try more colors in this line.


April 17th 2015:
Product: Little House On The Prairie Season 5 Blu Ray

Pros: Digitally remastered for beautiful rich colors and the sound is great!
         comes with a digital copy so you can watch them anywhere go go on your tablet, phone, ETC

Cons: NONE

This is one of my favorite TV series, and to be able to have them in HD on Blu Ray is awesome! the picture and sound are so sharp and clear-- the color is vibrantly restored. my favorite part is that the digital download is included so i can watch these wherever i happen to be. I just got this one, and i am already looking forward to getting the remaining seasons as well.


April 17th 2015
AGPtek® USB Cassette Tape to MP3 Player Converter Adapter with Headphones 
this works great! i also found it very easy to use once i got ready to use it. i have already transferred 4 cassettes to CD with this and have probably another 11 of mine to do.. then i am going to see if my parents want me to do some of theirs.
AGPtek® USB Cassette Tape to MP3 Player Converter Adapter with Headphones


March 22nd 2015:
Product: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail polish

Color: : #373 Grape Gatsby

Pros: goes on very smoothly, brush width is just the right size , dries quickly and has an amazing shine, no horrible smell!

Cons: a little pricey

Cost: the shelf tag said $8.34 if i recall correctly  but it rang up at $7.99.

I picked up this polish yesterday after work as my other light purple had gone AWOL  i was hoping it wasn't going to be runny like other polishes i have tried in the past-- and to my surprise, it wasn't the consistency is great!

I love the brush width on this one it allowed me to get the polish onto my nails in 2 strokes and i didn't end up with all over my cuticles and on the skin around my nails. my nails look amazing the shade of purple is great-- not too light and not too dark-- it is the perfect shade for springtime/Easter.

this is my second purchase of polish from this line by sally hansen (i also have "wine not" which is a perfect shade for the holidays)


 Soft lips 5 in 1  lip balm

Pros: compact, easy to use, make lips  really soft,  its not sticky.
Cons: NONE

I keep one by my PC at all times and use it often it makes my lips feel super soft and its not sticky or greasy feeling at all. I am so glad @influenster gave me the opportunity to try it out--

I am actually thinking of getting the other flavors as well!

Item Purchased: Sony PS3 wireless remote control
Ordered From: on 8/16/14
Item Received on: 8/18/14

I had been eyeballing and pricing one of these at target and walmart and also online for quite some time-- I have a backwards compatible PS3, but, the person that sold it to me told i would have to get a new remote as his had been lost when he moved.

i was thrilled when i checked amazon, and saw they had it for $11 cheaper that what i had been seeing for in the big box stores(even with the shipping cost it was still cheaper than what the stores wanted--which  at the stores would have set me back $25 before tax)

It arrived packaged and sealed well.  i tested it out with the WWE network and it works great!

EDITED TO ADD: today is 1/18/15 still no complaints about the remote-- in fact i still have the original batteries in it that i put in it the day i got it and they  are showing no signs of wearing out.