My Nail Art Designs an How to's

Really Cute bumble bee nail art how to

Step 1:  gather all your needed supplies, remove old polish and prep your nails.

Step 2: apply base coat and let dry

Step 3: apply your favorite yellow nail polish, please note if the polish is on the thinner side you may need more than one coat to make it opaque.  let dry really well between coats.

Step 4: make a swipe of black polish across the tip for the head and let dry

Step 5: using a nail brush make a couple thin black strips on your nail and let dry

Step 6: using your dotting tool, make two white dots on the head area for eyes

Step 7: using an even smaller dotting tool use black on the eyes for pupils

Step 8: when the other polish is dry apply your top coat and let it dry.

this is the look currently on my nails  and it is easy to do!

for this look you will need your favorite color polish for the background as well as a different color for the stripes, a striping brush-- *NOTE* you can buy a striping brush at sallys beauty supply or make your own there are several tutorials on youtube that show you how.

Step 1:  prep your nails
Step 2:  apply base coat
Step 3: apply background color -- I used sally Hansen extreme wear hard as nails #139 white on

Step 4: dip your striping brush into your color of choice-- (I used an old plastic lid to put a little on it to make it easier, the color I picked is almost a periwinkle blue /light purple shade from Revlon called irresistible. )  and make the stripes on your nails.

Step 5: once dry apply top coat


to achieve look#1 you need green polish, pink polish and black polish, a dotting tool/toothpick or safety pin

Step 1: Prep nails
Step 2: apply basecoat, and let it dry
Step 3: Apply green polish-- I chose  China glaze #1089 "i'm with the lifeguard

Step 4: add a pink stripe across the top I used a pink by sinful colors I like.

Step 6: using your dotting tool/toothpick/safety pin apply black dots to the pink area to create seeds.  for this I chose sally Hansen hard as nails extreme wear #370 black out.

Step 7: apply top coat

to achieve water melon look # 2

Step 1: base coat
Step 2: apply green polish to left half of nail and let dry
Step 3: apply pink polish to right side of nail
Step 4: make a thin white line between the two colors
I used sally Hansen hard as nails extreme wear #139 "white on"
Step 5: use the black polish to make seeds on the pink part of your nail
Step 6: apply top coat

this is what the finished nail looks like:

In honor of the 4th of July this coming Monday, I decided that the first nail art how to I would post about would be a patriotic one that pays tribute to the stars and stripes.


For this look you will need:

Red nail polish, white nail polish, blue nail polish, a good base coat and a good top coat and a dotting tool or even a tooth pick.

STEP 1: Prep your nails by removing old polish and trimming and filing nails to desired shape and length.

STEP 2: Apply base coat and let dry thoroughly

STEP 3: apply thin coat of white polish and let dry , depending on how opaque your polish is you may need a second thin coat.

STEP 4:  Carefully make a swipe of blue polish across the top of your nails and let dry
 before moving on to the next step.

STEP 5: make the red stripes on your nail by dipping either a striping tool or the narrowest end of a dotting tool  in the red polish(I put a little on an old plastic cover to make it easier)

STEP 6: using a small dotting tool or a toothpick dipped in white polish and make small white dots on the blue polish to represent the stars on the flag.

STEP 7:  When your polish is dry, then cover generously with  your topcoat and let dry completely

this is what the finished nails look like :

and that's it! it is fairly simple to do. 

dotting tools can be found at sally's beauty supply(which is where I got mine)  and on

if any of you readers try this how to out post a pic of your nails in the comments section so I can see them.