February 11th 2017

4 magazines all arrived today

February 1st 2017
got another magazine today, the US version of OK magazine

January 30th 2017
got  several magazines today!
                              - Glamour
                              - Good Housekeeping


April 17th  2015  my March pinchme  box came! in it i got:
                           -neutrogena hand cream
                           -gevalia coffee
                           - nivea in shower lotion sample

Today i also received (2) $3 Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks

a $25 Amazon gift card from Darwin's Data

AND  a $1 Amazon card, and a $5 amazon card from perktv!

$5Amazon gift card from yourword

April 16th 2015: freebie gotten with my amazon gift cards

April 15th 2015: freebie gotten with my amazon gift cards

April 14th 2015: $10 Amazon Gift Card  from Superpoints

April 12th 2015: $10 Amazon gift card in my email from mypoints point redemption
                           (3) $3 Amazon gift cards from swagbucks

April 11th 2015: new issue of O magazine

April 9th 2015: Gevalia coffee sample from pinchme, and new issue of Ok! magazine

April 8th 2015: (3) $3 Amazon gift cards from swagbucks

April 7th 2015: from cashing in my amazon gift cards, i was able to get a 30 pack of cd jewel cases and seasons 1&2 of the golden girls on dvd total cost out of my pocket was $0.00 thanks to my gift cards and shipping was also free!

April 4th 2015: Coupon for Free Monster Java Energy Drink

April 1st 2015: Issue of OK magazine( i  scored a free 2 year sub last month)

March 28th  2015: $3 Amazon GIft Card from Swagbucks

March 26th 2015: (2)  $10 Amazon Gift Cards from Advowire

March 25h 2015:  (2)  $10 Amazon GIft Cards from advowire

March 24th 2015 (1) $3 AGC from swagbucks

March 23rd 2015 (2) $3 AGC from swagbucks

March 17th 2015  (1) $3AGC  from swagbucks

March 16th 2015: (2) $3 AGC from swagbucks
                              New Issue of O Magazine

March 14th 2015: i used my free snickers, twix and crayola coupons and snagged these goodies for FREE after work:

March 13th 2015: arm & hammer toothpaste sample

March 10th, 2015-- (1) $3 Amazon Gift card from appnana
                                 (1) $5 Amazon gift card from appnana

March 9th 2015:  March Issue of O magizine and a perfume sample from philosophy

March 5th 2015: 2  $3 amazon gift cards from swagbucks

March 4th 2015: 2 $3 amazon gift cards from swagbucks

March 1st 2015- $10 Amazon gift card from swagbucks


February 27th : gotten with gift cards i have earned total cost and the $2.99 shipping  were covered by the gift cards

February 24th:  Free Meta Bar sample

February 23rd: the goodies i got with my amazon gift cards total cost $38(totally covered by my gift cards) AND  Free Shipping! TOTAL OOP COST  FOR ME = $0.00

February 20th: The free candy bar i mentioned yesterday

February 19th:  card  for a Free king size candy bar for giving good customer service at work
                         Free 2 day xbox gold trial from m&m big night instant win game(again i don't have an xbox so :( )
                         $10 amazon gift card from swagbucks

February 18th: FREE JASON ALDEAN CD:
                          Free 2 day XBOX Gold Trial(too bad i don't have an xbox
                          Free Brainerd guide
smile emoticon

February 17th 2015

February16th FEE snickers!

February 12th snagged a coupon for free reeses candy!

February 9th Gulf shores vacation guide and a free twix bar!

February 8th 2015 --Free MP3 download from twix!-- i chose roar by katy perry

February 6th 2015: Degree deodorant spray sample

February 2nd 2015: Travel Guides


JANUARY 30th 2015-- Nivea  in-shower lotion sample and twinings tea sample with 3 different teas in it

JANUARY 28TH 2015-- Skinny Cow Earbuds with storage pouch