answer quick surveys to earn points you can then cash in for gift cards and paypal   really super easy to do, doesn't take a lot of time.

this is another one i will need to email you an invite if you are interested.


This site is simple to do, you earn by doing paid emails, offers videos, games and more cash out is $30 and you can either request a check or have it loaded to a prepaid card
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=============== is the market research survey site that pays for every opinion (and for referrals) while keeping surveys short and elegant this site has been around since 2011 and it is very easy to do. cashout is at $15 and you can have the money go right to your paypal account.

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you can earn points by watching videos, completing offers and by clicking superlucky reward button.

you can the exchange you points for gift cards and electronics.

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Like the other sites i use, this one works on the same principal. you can get points for searching the web, you can get an easy 100 points a day for commenting on and recommending sites,you get 5 points a day from their mega points link. you can also get points from codes.

you can cashout at 3000 points

their prizes include gift cards and electronics

if you are interested in signing u let me know in the comments  or send me a message with your email on G+  and i will email you an invite.



Swagbucks are THE web's premiere digital dollar. since you are already searching the web every day, why not get rewarded for it.
its fast, fun and FREE
you can sign up quickly and easily under this link:
Then, make sure you use swagbucks as your search engine and search the web as you normally would.
download the tool bar and the widget to get swagbucks daily. doing the dail polls on will also net you swagbucks daily.
if you are on facebook, i high recommend joining the swagbooks page on there(the one with the blue and green logo) the people are friendly and give good tips you can also see what words people are winning on and try to win on them yourself.
When you have accumulated enough swagbucks they can be redeemed for great prizes.--

So, you got all theses swagbucks and you are wondering, what can i get for them?
they can be redeemed for :
Paypal gift cards which can be put into your paypal account gift cards gift cards
QVC gift cards
Target E gift cards
JCPenney's gift cards
$15 Itunes gift cards
and many other types of gift cards
they can also be redeemed for the following items
video games
video game consoles and accessories
swagbucks merchandise
sports collectables
movie posters
and so much more, there is something for every taste.

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