Saturday, July 1, 2017

BookBub Deals 7/1/17

Fermentation for Beginners
Fermentation for Beginners By Drakes Press
Did you know fermented foods are not only delicious but also promote essential health benefits? Get the whole scoop in this delectable New York Times bestseller, complete with 60 delightful recipes and a handy step-by-step how-to guide.
$0.99 $5.38
The Wild Truth
The Wild Truth By Carine McCandless
“Fiercely honest and gripping” (Publishers Weekly): In 1992, Chris McCandless abandoned his entire life to launch a doomed journey into the Alaskan wilderness. Chris’s sister tells his tragic story and her own in this New York Times bestseller with over 1,200 five-star ratings on Goodreads.
$1.99 $12.99
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