Monday, June 5, 2017

My thoughts on the ambrose- miz match and what went down on raw talk

Last night at extreme rules, Dean Ambrose defended the intercontinental championship against The Miz(who of course was accompanied to the ring by Maryese)

action wise the match was decent but miz was doing EVERYTHING in his power to get the referee to disqualify Dean( as there was a stipulation added to the match where if Dean was disqualified, he would lose the title.)  Maryese was kicked from ringside at point near the end too.

Miz underhandedly and cheaply won the title IMHO. 

However his and Maryese's actions on "raw talk" after the event had ended were uncalled for and totally inexcusable!!  I mean it was bad enough a couple weeks ago when the brought up ambrose's dad during a segment on raw--(could almost see the steam coming out of Dean's ears!) but anywho-- back to raw talk...

Renee Young intro'd the show and then was telling fans who the guests were going to be and that Corey Graves would be joining her in a little bit.. Miz and Maryese then came out  and proceeded to trash talk Renee to her face and  trash talk about Dean  with Maryese at one point literally calling him "garbage"!

Renee held her own as best she could but they were relentless  and Miz told her she was unprofessional and biased about the match  and ripped into her some more and Renee asked how she was being biased and The Miz made some flippant cocky remark to the effect of " the little thing you have going on the side is preventing you from being professional and unbiased"

He was referring to her relationship with Dean ambrose outside the ring as she and Dean are married.  Maryese and Miz ripped her some more and then maryese nailed her with the line "my man will always be better than your man" (um, are they in high school? LOL!!)

I am feeling that the whole segment was done to reignite the feud between the two couples again and hopefully get dean and Renee back on the same show together.  BUT at the same time it felt as though Renee and Dean were/are being punished for getting married back in April.

I this isn't to further the storyline and ignite the feud between the couples, then what was it for?? it was a disgusting segment.  I can't wait for raw tonight for dean to get his revenge for himself and his beautiful bride.