Thursday, June 1, 2017

I got the month off to a good start

I can't believe that it is already June, and we are just 20 days way from the official start of summer.. the year is going by so fast!

I started my month off really well I think-- I cashed out today and received a $10 amazon card from a site I do called mypoints. 

what is mypoints?  at mypoints you can:  respond to emails  they send you and get 5 points per email
                                                                  take and complete surveys
                                                                  watch videos
                                                                  do searches

they have many types of gift cards you can redeem for.  my favorite is amazon as I am trying to build my balance so I can get a few things I have been looking at and so I can start Christmas shopping.

if you are interested in joining me at my points please click here: MY REFERRAL LINK