Saturday, June 3, 2017

BREAKING WWE NEWS:: Harley Race Badly Injured in a fall at his home this past Tuesday.

This past Tuesday May 30th 2017, WWE HOF'er and wrestling legend Harley Race was badly injured in a fall at his home in Missouri. 

the 74  year old former grappler fell, breaking his femur of his left leg, as well as  sustaining breaks in both the fibula and tibia of his right leg  and a sprial break of his left  ankle in the fall. and required emergency surgery due to the swelling late Tuesday night as well as 4 blood transfusions.

On Friday June 2nd he underwent surgery to reset the broken bones.

the thoughts and prayers of the WWE Universe are with him for a speedy and as painless as possible recovery.

to read the release from the WWE on the accident, please click here: WWE HOF"ER HURT IN FALL