Sunday, April 16, 2017

WWE NEWS: Is there backstage heat on Dean Ambrose and Renee young for tying the knot?

There has been speculation since the news surfaced that Dean Ambrose and his girlfriend of 3 1/2 years Renee Young quietly got married last week that there is "backstage heat" on them for doing so.

one such report speculated that this was the reason Dean was switched to Raw and Renee was left on smackdown. --one theory is that no other couples (miz and marryese, john and nikki, rusev and lana...etc) were spilt up in the brand extension (except for alberto del rio and paige)  or on last weeks "superstar shakeup"  so they must  be punishing dean and renee.

another suggested that while Renee and Deans wedding was a private ceremony with only a handful of family members present, and no one from WWE-- that it was likely the total divas cameras filmed it. (no word on if they actually did or not.)

and yet another theory says that because Renee responded to a twitter post that Big E made saying he would be officiating weddings(and that he was serious and not joking) April 20-22 and gave an email where you could contact him if you were in LA and you were interested.... the thought is that if nothing was filmed  by total divas when they got married in vegas that they are doing a second wedding for total divas.  (they wouldn't be the first couple to do that as back in season 3 I believe it was Nattie niedhart and TJ Wilson tied the knot on the show. but, had already been married for a couple months I think it was when the filming of the wedding episode took place)

guess we will just have to wait and see how things play out.