Monday, April 17, 2017

WWE NEWS: Balor undergoing testing today to see how he is after being injured last week on raw

Word is that Finn Balor is in Columbus Ohio-- which is where raw is taking place tonight to undergo medical evaluation to see where he is at healthwise after sustaining a concussion at the hands of jindar mahal who was his opponent on raw last Monday night.

the injury occurred when Jinder nailed him the side of the temple/back of the head with a nasty forearm shot. balor seemed flop around as  he was falling towards the match and his face slid on the mat (OUCH!)

somehow balor was able to get up and finish the match-- I was quite surprised the trainer who is usually ringside with a dr(I think that's who the other person is that's with him)  didn't stop the match.

Finn was very glassy eyed looking when the ref raised his hand in victory and mat burn was clearly evident on his forehead and nose.

reports indicate that Jinder was chewed out backstage for causing the injury and that he felt remorse for it happening.

Balor will not be allowed to wrestle again until he can pass WWE's strict  concussion testing.

this is a still of balor's face after he won the match--you can clearly see the mat burn on his forehead and the bridge of his nose. and the blank look in his eyes.