Tuesday, March 21, 2017

WWE Monday Night Raw Results for 3/20/17

Live from the Barclay center in Brooklyn NY

the opening segment  was maddening Stephanie treated mick foley like crap as usual after her read a prepared statement. he then said he was taking a leave of absence (it is well documented that ne needs hip replacement surgery and will be having it soon)

Stephanie then "fired" him leaving raw with out a GM  and presumably with her and HHH's egos running amok while they are on a power trip (UGH!!!!)

Match 1: Samoa Joe defeated Sami Zayn  (match was sami's punishment for liking foley and sticking up for him to Stephanie)

Match 2:  Charlotte defeated Dana Brooks

funny highlight reel segment from Jericho was next

Match 3: Brian Kendrick defeated TJ Perkins

Match 4: Nia Jax defeated Bayley (this was bayley's punishment from stephanie for liking foley and  with the win nia ia added to the raw women's title match at wrestlemania)

annoyingly long interview segment in the ring with HHH

Match 5: Cesaro and Sheamus  defeated gallows and Anderson & Enzo and big cass (this match was punishment for cesaro and sheamus from Stephanie because they like mick)

Match 6: Austin Aires defeated Tony Nese

Match 7: Roman Reigns vs Braun strowman    there was no winner to this match.  towards the end undertaker appeared in the ring chokeslamming braun and then getting a spear from roman.

raw was ok last night it could have been better without the runaway ego train on power trip that is Stephanie and HHH.  it disgusted me to see how she punished wrestlers that liked and supported mick foley, and  that HHH  got a whole huge interview segment when no one else's wrestlemania matches were given that much air time....