Thursday, March 2, 2017

Smackdown live results for 2/28/17

the show is live for the xcel center in St Paul MN

opening segment is shane McMahon and Daniel bryan backstage watching the final seconds of the #1 contenders match over and over. AJ Styles comes in and tries to get them to make him the winner and that doesn't work.

miz  and maryese head to the ring for  the miz tv segment.  miz calls out john cena and then when he gets into the ring miz turns into an arrogant jerk and orders cenas mic cut and says"tyou will speack when I tell you you can speak"

miz then proceeds to trash talk cena for what seems like eons and blames cena for all his problems and blown oppurtunities.

cena finally gets to talk  and he gives miz a tongue thrashing and said he really ran things round there as miz think-- then he would be standing in the ring with the undertaker and not the miz (LOL!!!!!)

(the crowd loved that idea and broke into a HUGE "yes!!" chant") 

cena ends  the tongue thrashing of miz with " you not the undertaker, but if you press me again , your a dead man!!"

cena starts  to leave the ring and maryse screeches at him that he cant leave till they say he can leave.. then trash talks him  and says he has a big ego  and a small package(OUCH!!) then  she slaps him in the face!

cena laughs and tells her she made the biggest mistake of her life and points towards the ramp nikki bella'a  music hits and she runs to the ring -- maryese and miz run from the like cowards and nikki tells her not to mess with her man and she is gonna break her.

John grabs nikkii in a hug in the ring as s they share a sweet kiss.

Match 1: Becky Lynch vs Mickie James  in a 2 out of 3 falls match
Winner of fall 1: Mickie  James via pinfall
Winner of fall 2: Becky Lynch via pinfall
Winner of fall 3 and the match: Beck Lynch via submission

luke harper segment  where he talks about his match tonight and he says he's not afraid of bray wyatt

creepy segment with bray wyatt

segment with nattie sucking up to alexa bliss and then she says she is going to take the title from her.

renee interviews AJ backstage

match 2: luke harper vs aj styles-- the winner goes to wrestlemania 33 and the title match with bray wyatt.

Winner: AJ styles  which is totally unfair as luke harpers foot and leg were clearly ver the bottom rope.

shane McMahon came out and ordered the match  restarted and said the match was not gonna end like that.   the match restarted   luke went to kick aj and kicked shane by mistake

Winner: aj styles

wwe network segment

renee attempts to interview nikki and john but they are interrupted by Carmella and james ellsworht the weird segment ends with john and nikki saying they will face Carmella and ellsworth in a match next week.

backstage segment with aj styles and Daniel bryan

match 3: dean ambrose vs curt Hawkins  dean took curt out with dirty deeds before the match  so it never got started.
dean then calls baron corbin out and corbin appears on the big screen say he isn't coming out and that dean cost him the heavyweight title at elimination chamber.

match 3: Apollo crews vs doph ziggler in a chairs match
Winner: dolph ziggler

bray wyatt comes to the ring and cuts a good promo  orton comes on the big screen says he is at the "wyatt family compound" says he is  brays world now and that it was never his  he then proceeds to douse the building in flammable liquid  and the rocking chair as well then he douses what is supposed to be the remains of  "sister Abigail " in the liquid-- the whole time bray is  beside himself in the ring  he is totally shook up!

rand then sets everything ablaze after he exits the building and tells bray he is coming for him and the title at wrestlemania .. and that is how the show ended.

that whole last segment was very weird and extremely creepy!!