Thursday, March 2, 2017

Monday Night Raw Results for 2/27/17

Raw is live from Green Bay Wisconsin

Match 1: new day vs Rusev (with lana) & Jinder Mahal
Winners: new day via pinfall..... after the match Rusev and jindar argue

plug for  fastlane and the tag title match

backstage segment with Enzo and big cass
backstage segment with sheamus and cesaro, samoa joe interrupts and he and cesaro  trash talk each other.

backstage segment with Stephanie and mick foley-- as usual Stephanie treats him very badly.

Match 2: cruiserweight  match-- akira tozawa vs noam dar (with Alicia fox)
Winner: tozawa -- brian Kendrick attacked him after the match.

backstage segment with mick foley and samoa joe and  mick makes a match between samoa joe and cesaro  for later in the show.

segment with charlotte  and dana brooks in the ring -- all charlotte does is trash talk bayley and her family. bayley comes out and they trash talk each other.  sasha  comes out  and they all (with the exception of dana) trade barbs

Match 3: Bayley and Sasha vs Charlotte and Nia Jax(dana is at ringside)
WInners: Nia  Jax and Charlotte-- Charlotte ended up with a bloody cheek during the match.

nackstage segment with braun strowman and mick foley-- braun wants a contract signing with roman reigns for their match at fastlane.

Match 4: luke gallows (with karl Anderson) vs Big cass (with Enzo)
Winner: Big Cass

corey graves  in the ring and intros a video of what happened  to seth rollins at the hands of samoa joe last month.

corey calls seth out and he comes to the ring and he is still wearing a knee brace and using a crutch. he says his rehab has been intense and he will be back soon.  then goes on to say he wonders if he deserves his injury... he then reflects on  on everything that has happened to him since he last had the wwe title.

he then tells corey and the wwe universe that right now that it doesn't look like doctor's will clear him in time for wrestlemania..

hhh's muisic and he comes out and totally trash talks seth (hhh is on the apron)  samoa joe is lurking outside the ring on the other side.  hhh gloats about everything and you can see seth is getting irritated.  samoa joe gets up on the ring apron on the backside of the ring.  hhh continues to ramble  and calls seth a washed up, useless, beat up has been superstar.  you can tell seth's blood is boiling now  and he says he has nothing left to lose anhe WILL be at wrestlemania and cuts an intense promo on HHH and they have a stare down.  hhh and samoa joe leave as seth fumes in the ring.

match 5: the shining stars vs big show in a 2 on 1 handicap match
Winner: big show via pinfall.

backstage segment with Neville and tony nese

promo for Austin airies joing the cruiserweight division

match 6: cruiserweight match  jack Gallagher and tj perkins vs Neville and tony nese
Winners: Jack gallagher and tony nese

WWE hall of fame announcement segement-- Beth Phoenix is the next member of the wwe hall of fame class of 2017

segment backstage with sash and bayley icing and rubbing their necks -sasha tells bayley she will be in her corner at fastlane..  Stephanie shows up and tells sasha she will be facing nia jax at fast lane.

match 7:  cesaro  vs samoa joe
winner: samoa joe  via pinfall

samoa joe interview on the ramp-- says he is here to hurt people . sami zayn's music hits and he attacks samoa joe from behind it takes security several attempts to separate them.

plug for wwe network

mick foley is in the ring for the contract signing braun comes out  and trash talks mick and disrepects him-- romans music hits and as he comes to the ring he and get in an epic brawl.  romans final gets the contract signed as the brawl some more  braun ends up standing tall  heading up the ramp and roman attempts to get his wind back in the ring as the show ends.