Thursday, February 16, 2017

WWE HOF'er George "the animal" steele dealing with serious heath problems

Tonight the wrestling world is praying for legend and wwe hall of famer George the animal steele.

Steele 79  is currently battling what is being described as serious health issues.  and he is currently in hospice care.  he began having health issues last may but had been seemingly able to fight through them.

fellow wwe hall of famer the legendary bob backlund said he called steele's home yesterday to talk to him, and his wife answered and upon finding out who it was told him that  George wasn't home and that they don't know if he will make it home this time..

I loved how he was part of the storyline with ricky steamboat, macho man and Elizabeth-- that was one of the best ones in the late 80s

full article can be found here: GEORGE STEELE HEALTH