Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Smackdown live results for 2/14/17


package airs with highlights form elimination chamber

New champ bray wyatt heads to the ring and cuts a good promo, john cenas music hits and he comes out and goes to the ring  and challenges brock to a rematch for the title later in the show. before bray can respond AJ styles music hits, and he comes out and moans and complains about how  cena cant get his rematch for the title before he(AJ) does...

the music of smackdown general manager Daniel Bryan hits and he comes out and makes the main event for the show to be Bray Wyatt -vs- John cena -vs- aj styles  in a triple threat match for the wwe smackdown heavyweight title.

as we come back from commercial dean ambrose is shown backstage yelling and looking for baron corbin.

Match 1: American alpha vs the ascension
Winners: American alpha via pinfall 

after the match the uso's appear on the titantron and challenge American  alpha.

backstage segment with Carmella and james ellsworth-- which ambrose mercifully interrupts looking for corbin.  Carmella proceeds to get ells worth into a match with ambrose  that Daniel bryan ok's...

Match 2: james ellsworth (with Carmella)  vs dean ambrose..
Winner: this match never took place as when dean's music hit baron dragged him out from the back and beat him up  and threw him into the pyro area causing sparks to fly everywhere-- the refs order baron to the back and check on ambrose.

we  are given a recap of nattie attacking nikki backstage at elimination chamber.

backstage segment with nikki and Daniel bryan trying to figure out how to end the fighting between her and nattie for good-- as Daniel is about to say something nattie comes in and trash talks both Daniel and nikki and then once again attacks nikki and Daniel has to have security separate the two of them he then goes on to make a match between them for next weeks show and it will be falls count anywhere!!

recap of the ambrose situation from earlier in the show

baron corbin is interviewd and he is a jerk to to the interviewer and blames dean for him not being world champion.

renee  young interviews dolph ziggler back stage, and he is all kinds of arrogant and syas he is not a sore loser

Match 3: Becky lynch vs mickie james
Winner: mickie james via pinfall  mickie then does a bunch of trash talkin as she heads up the ramp.

in ring interview segment with renee young talking to Naomi.  it is noted that Naomi suffered a knee injury during the title match and she has a brace on her knee over her jeans.   Alexa bliss then comes out and demands that next week she either be given a rematch for the title OR the title be just handed to her and leaves the decision to Naomi who says nothing.

MAtch 4: Bray Wyatt vs Jon Cena vs AJ Styles
Winner: (and still wwe smackdown heavyweight champion, Bray Wyatt  (this was a really really good match   just before the match started luke harper attacked bray outside the ring and  then got escorted out by referees.

randy ortons music hit and he came down to the ring and had a staredown  with bray wyatt  and then randy told wyatt he was his humble servant and refused to wrestle him at wrestlemania 33!!

the announcers were left stunned and confused to end the show.

overall I thought It was a good show and I was really hoping to see ambrose put an end to james ellsworth but it didn't happen.