Thursday, February 16, 2017

Paige and ALberto Del Rio Wedding news.

Paige and alberto will soon hear wrestling bells instead of ring bells.

As many wrestling fans know-- and for those that don't Paige and Alberto have been in a real life relationship since spring 2016.   Paige then proposed to him in the middle of the ring in Puerto rico after his match in nov.--- he was surprised but said "yes"

he has since been seen sporting the ring she gave him. and  paige posted a picture on instagram in January  of her hand with a big diamond ring on it , so he has since asked her as well.

a wrestling newsletter  -- the wrestling observer is reporting  that they are tentatively set to marry in May 2017-- it depends greatly on their schedules as he is wrestling on the indy circuit, doing some MMA commentary and  has a restaurant.  Paige is under contract with the WWE  and is currently out of action with a neck injury, which she had surgery on and is currently rehabbing and could possibly be back  wrestling by then.

This will be Paige's first marriage,  and alberto's 2nd  he has 3 kids from his first marriage.   it is unknown at this point if the wedding or proposals will be shown on WWE Total Divas since while paige is on the show the wwe can film her, but since alberto no longer works for them I don't think that they can film him.. so it will be interesting to see what happens.