Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Monday night raw restults for 2/13/17

Monday night raw results: LIVE FROM LAS VEGAS NEVADA

The show opened with a graphic in memory of Chavo Guerrero Sr who passed away over the weekend at the age of 69.

after the intro the show kicked into gear with an in ring segment featuring Stephanie Mcmahon, Roman Reigns and  eventually Anderson and gallows the wwe raw tag team champions.. which lead to Stephanie making this match:

match 1: Anderson and gallows vs Roman Reigns
winner: Roman Reigns via DQ when  braun strowman came  out nd the two went at it.

Match 2: (prior to the match new day had some fun raking jokes at bo dallas who was in the ring)
Kofi Kingston vs Bo Dallas
winner:  Kofi Kingston Via pinfall

backstage interview segment with Neville talked about how he is king of the cruiserweights and how he will beat jack Gallagher at fastlane.

Match3: this was a cruiserweight match featuring Noam Dar(with Alicia fox) vs Jack Gallagher
Winner: Jack Gallagher via pinfall-- after the match he and Neville got in to a staredown

outside the arena HHH and Samoa Joe are seen exiting a limo.

next came the long awaited "premiere" of emmalina....  she came out and really didn't say much and then said something about the "premiere" of emma....UM, HUH?  talk about leaving fans confused...

backstage interview segemt with bayley talking about her title match coming up later in the show. says she can beat charlotte.

backstage segment with HHH, Chris Jericho, and Kevin Owens  after the commercial  HHH and OWens are show talking outside the room they had just been in but nothing is heard of what they said.

Match 4: Mark Henry vs Braun Strowman
Winner: Braun Strowman via pinfall  roman and braun get into it after the match and braun left roman laying in the ring.

Samoa Joe is shown getting ready for interview backstage as they go to a commercial

backstage segment with Bayley, Cesaro, Sheamus, Enzo and Big Cass

Michael cole does a sitdown interview with samoa joe who says he is there to hurt people, says he's not like sami zayn.

Match 5: Sami Zayn vs Rusev (with lana)
Winner: Sami Zayn via pinfall  

Sami  is interviewed on the stage after the match and he gets attacked from behind by Samoa Joe

as we come back from a commercial break Charlotte is shown getting ready for her match backstage

Teddy Long is announced as the next member of the 2017 WWE hall of fame class, and a video is shown.

Match 6 another cruiserweight match that saw Akira Tazowa take on Ariya Daivari
Winner: Ariya Daivari via pinfall

next up was the festival of friendship segment with chris jericho and kevin owens  the segment was pretty cheesy to say the least-- excessive pyro, vegas showgirls, jerchio in a sparkly hat that lit up and sparly vest...

he gifted kevin anugly statue, an even uglier piece of artwork and had a lame-o magiacian do some tricks for him.. kevin got off the funniest line of the night during that part saying  that for Christmas they (him and his wife) got  their son a magic kit  and he can do the same tricks-- and he's 9 (I laughed out loud when he said that)

then chris called out Goldberg-- who wasn't even there and instead we got the Goldberg knock off--GILLberg (now that was funny!!) Jericho beat up  gillberg and then kevin gave Jericho a gift and needled him to  open it.

Chris opened it and revealed that kevin gave hima new "list" which he said was a good thing as his old one was getting beat up and full... then he paused and asked why his name was on the list, and as he tilted the list up the fans saw that it said the list of KO on the back  and Jericho saw it to. kevin then attacked chris and beat the tar out of him and left him laying in the ring.

back from commercial we see Chris Jericho being loaded into the back of an ambulance and being taken away.

Enzo nd cass head to the ring and are AWESOME  on the mic as usual

Match 7: Enzo (with big cass) vs Cesaro (with sheamus)
Winner: Cesaro via pinfall
cass and sheamus had some heated words after the match but cesaro and Enzo kept them apart.

backstage segment with charlotte and sasha banks

Match 8 (the main event)  Bayley vs CHarlotte for the WWE Raw Women's championship
Winner:  Bayley via pinfall to become the NEW WWE Raw Women's Champion!!

that was an awesome match they both gave it their all and charlotte even  had dana brooks come outta now where and try to help her cheat to win.. sasha came out to even up the odds as they say... the crowd was into the match from the beginning.

overall I thought raw was a good show last night-- 8/10  rating  just for the fact that that "festival of friendship" segment dragged on way too long.

thanks for reading I will be back with the smackdown live results tomorrow