Saturday, February 25, 2017


I  know this is a little late--but  here are the Monday night raw results for 2/20/17 I got busy and  did't get a chance to post till now.

image is from my pc.

The show opened with a graphic for George "the animal" Steele

-recap of the "festival of friendship" segment from the previous week

- Kevin Owens in ring segment , he is boo'ed loudly as he gloats that the spotlight is finally on him- the fans respond with a LOUD Goldberg chant and he proceeds to  cut a promo on Goldberg.

match 1: Cesaro and Sheamus vs  Enzo and big cass in a #1 contenders match
-the mic work from Enzo and cass was hot as usual
WINNERS: Enzo and big cass via pinfall so they are the #1 contenders for the wwe raw tag team title and will face the champs at fastlane.

backstage with Mick Foley and Kevin Owens

recap of bayley's title win from last week

backstage  segment with roman reigns, mick foley and Anderson and gallows

match 2:-- cruiserweight match
the brian Kendrick vs akira tozawa
WINNER:  there was no winner as Kendrick attacked towzawa before the bell so the match never started.

backstage interview bith brian Kendrick who claims all he did was each tozawaa lesson in respect.

match 3: roman reigns vs Anderson and gallows in a 2 on 1 handicapped match
WINNER:  Anderson and gallows got the vin via DQ
-roman took them out after the match and was standing tall

recap of owens opening segment
it is mentioned by Michael cole that there are 41 days till wrestlemania 33 and that new day is hosting wrestlemania.

match 4: Rusev and jinder mahal (with lana) vs new day
WINNERS: new day

the next segment was a beautifully done video tribute to George steele.

in ring segment featuring Austin aires presiding of the contract signing for the cruiserweight title match at fast lane, the contract table is set up for teas as well. jack Gallagher signs the contract and then Neville comes out and sign the contract as well. Gallagher then informs him in the spirit of good sportsmanship he would like to have tea and cookies with him- Neville rips into him and tips the table over before the two have a small brawl.

match 5: nia jax vs unknown local talent
WINNER via a really quick pinfall - Nia jax

bayley is shown getting ready to head to the ring

bayley heads to the ring and the crowd gives her a loud "you deserve it" chant  she then talks about her childhood dream coming true and about her dad.  and that charlotte is trying to ruin her  week.

-Stephanie's music hits and she comes out and states the win is tainted and pretty much tried her hardest to guilt trip bayley into handing over the women's title

sasha banks comes out and tells bayley not to listen to Stephanie's garae, and Stephanie make a bunch of snide cracks

bayley then tells Stephanie "HELL NO" is she returing the title.

charlottes music hit and she comes out and sucks up to stphanie, and sashaa shuts her up  and then says she will fight her tonight for old times sake.-- charlotte said she wants her title rematch at fastlane since she is undefeated at ppv's

match 6: Charlotte vs sasha banks
bayley is on commentary
 this was a very good match and when dana tried to interfere bayley took her out
WINNER: sasha banks via submission

DDP is announce as the next member of the 2017 wwe HOF  class

backstage interview with sami zayn

match 6: Kevin owens vs sami zayn
- samoa joe attacks sami and beats  him on his way to the ring then tosses him into the ring before being ordered to the back
WINNER: kevin owens thanks to samoa joes beatdown on sami

coming back from the next commercial there is a nice graphic  in memory of ivan koloff

backstage segment with mick foley and Stephanie McMahon - mick rips into her and the segment ends with being a witch and basically threatening him. as she tells him not to "have an accident"

backstage sitdown interview with Michael cole interviewing brock lesnar and paul heyman typical segment with brock bullying people and heyman droning on and on about brock and how he will beat Goldberg at fastlane.

plugs for a Goldberg appearance and a big interview with seth rollins on next weeks show.

match 8: the main event of the night Big show vs braun strowman
WINNER: braun strowman bia pinfall
-roman comes out after the match and gets several good shots in on braun  but bruan takes him out and stands tall to end the show.

overall I thought raw was a good show this week and the memorial tributes were nice, but it kinda bothered me that the didn't mention Nicole bass who had also passed over the same time frame and had worked for them briefly.