Sunday, December 31, 2017

year- end Hay Day musings.............

Things in my farm hood started off quietly in 2017-- by summertime things got rocky and  changes were made to better the hood. things slowly started to come around and people were working well together. fall ushered in  a slow steady influx of new members, some left and several more joined in their absence.

then in November, SHE joined... quiet at first but quickly made friends with everyone in the hood, and worked well with everyone and was very helpful and polite...  the hood was working like a well oiled machine 27 of 30 slots filled and of that 17 or 18 active  each week in derby-- we were doing so well,  collecting all 9 horeshoes within a day or 2 of derby starting,  everyone was finishing all 9 tasks, and we were earning trophies every week and in the first 2 bingo derbies we did we claimed prizes.

the derby ended the Monday before Christmas and we again placed in the top 3 and got a trophy.. so imagine my SHOCK when i got up that morning and went into game to  collect my prizes and start getting my supplies stocked up for the next derby, and SHE had left the hood, no warning, no explanation just up and left but that was only half the story-- she made her own hood AND somehow connived and convinced 16 of my best hood members to leave my hood(where there was no problems-- if there were no one chose to inform the leader or co-leaders) and join hers!!!!

I was FUMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i messaged any of the ones i was friends with on FB and asked them what was going on and why they left-- and  only 2 of them responded to me, and all the one said was from what they knew, it was "derby related"   UM HUH??  we were doing awesome every week in derby!  so i was and still am confused as to why they left and how they all knew about her hood.. she never posted anything in hood chat about it, so my theory is that she used the FB group set up for my hayday hood and messaged people through that and somehow convinced them to leave my hood and join hers-- which is downright dirty, and deceitful!

so, Christmas week derby and this weeks went  i believe we finished last week  in 12th and this week we are in 5th.  i am currently in rebuild mode and trying my hardest to recruit new members, but it is so tough when all the really good players are either already in hoods or have their own hood..

i am going to have a hard time trusting anyone that joins after this little stunt, but i am hoping we can get a good group together soon and make the game fun again, cause right now the hood  needs a real shot in the arm.

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017


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