Thursday, August 11, 2016

Really Cute Bumblebee nail art how to

Step 1:  gather all your needed supplies, remove old polish and prep your nails.

Step 2: apply base coat and let dry

Step 3: apply your favorite yellow nail polish, please note if the polish is on the thinner side you may need more than one coat to make it opaque.  let dry really well between coats.

Step 4: make a swipe of black polish across the tip for the head and let dry

Step 5: using a nail brush make a couple thin black strips on your nail and let dry

Step 6: using your dotting tool, make two white dots on the head area for eyes

Step 7: using an even smaller dotting tool use black on the eyes for pupils

Step 8: when the other polish is dry apply your top coat and let it dry.