Monday, July 25, 2016


Product:  BTArtbox 6 Pack of vinyl nail stencils
Cost: $8.99
When Purchased: March 18th 2016


- WAY TOO MUCH adhesive on the back
- break easily when trying to remove stencil from clear sheet it comes on
- directions are misleading
- pulls polish off your nails when you try to remove stencil from nail

I bought these in march for something new to try on my nails... BIIIIIG mistake.  they are AWFUL! they are difficult to remove from the clear sheet they come on,  and break easily when trying to get them off said sheet.

my first attempt at them  was a big hot mess,  same goes for tries 2-5 as well. so  I gave in and tried again today when I did my nails and once again  did everything they suggested from putting stencil on back of my hand to remove excess adhesive--( DIDNT WORK) removing quickly so it didn't pull polish off my nails (DIDNT WORK)

I was reading through some of the newer reviews after I did my nails today and see a lot od the same complaints that I have -- one person even said they waited a few days between polishing their nails and using the stencil and it sill pulled the polish of their nails!

my advice is to stay away from these stencil they don't work like they claim to and any one who gave a 5 star review on them on amazon is likely full of it.

                                          Bottom right stencil before i tried to use it

Stencil packaging

Stencil after it tried to use it you can see the design is all broken

Sunday, July 24, 2016

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  • Monday, July 18, 2016



    On June 13th I received the email saying my site to store order was ready for pick up at the location I had chosen(the one on twin lakes parkway in rosevile mn)
    My husband and I went to pick up out order and the nightmare began as soon as we went to the site to store pick up counter!
    FIRSTLY we had had to tap the button on the call screen 4 times (each after the last timed out because no one had come to help us)
    THEN we got a female associate that seemed to be totally bored with helping us and after looking at the email and confirming my husbands identity as he was the pick up person, she went into the room where the orders were located and after awhile came back out and said  that she couldn’t find our order!!
    NEXT,  we stood and waited while she and another employee whom she radioed to come back there looked, and again they couldn’t find it. 2 other employees who were bringing stuff back for orders, also looked and couldn’t find it—then the four of them left and she said they would figure out where our order was and be right back..... the only one of the four that came back at one point was one of the male emploess that had been bring stuff back for and order  and he said “ I forget what were we looking for again??” I was totally dumbfounded!
    THEN after sitting for 25 min we tapped the button 3 times and got NO help,  periodically a random walmart employee would see if we had gotten anyone to come back there and we said initially yes, but they have since disappeared.  we had no less than 3 additional employees come back try to find it say they couldn’t and leave just as the first one had and never come back and I was getting annoyed.
    30 minutes went by, then 40, then 60, before long we had been sitting there for 1 hour and 30 minutes not knowing where our order was and where the employees that were supposed to be helping us has disappeared to.  in the time we had been waiting 2 others came into pick up orders and had no issues getting their orders.
    THEN a  female employee came by and asked if we had been helped—I retold the story for the 6th or 7th time and she was not happy she too said she would be right back, but instead we ended up getting a male assistant manager and despite taking the email from my husband he asked us if we had the email and it was in his hand..   he went and looked for our order couldn’t find and called a female employee to help him and they went to look again he came out of the room a few minutes later looked at the email by the pc, went back in the room and said something to her and they came out with a box and compared the info on the email to it and said “it was under another name and not his”  not one time during the whole ordeal were we asked if it could be under another name—EVER!!   (for whatever reason the package was under my name and not my husbands despite him being the one picking it up!) 
    FINALLY the two of them(the asst mgr and the female employee acted all smug  and were almost celebrating that they were the ones to find our order—I even saw them high five!  they were laughing and having a good ol time as he unboxed our order and put the items in a bag for us.  we were not apologized to at any point and time during our ordeal nor thanked for our patience or anything I felt (as did several friends and relatives) we should have been offered compensation for our time that we wasted sitting there not knowing what was going on or where are order was and I felt we deserved an apology not a smug celebration from the assistant manager.
    LASTLY I have contacted the store in question at least half a dozen times since then and get hung up on when my call is being transferred to a manager, or I get told manager isn’t there and to leave my info and they will call me back (they never call back)  I have emailed corporate twice regarding this incident  and gotten no response either  which to me is poor customer service all the way around.


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