Monday, May 9, 2016

Hello readers, i am back!

Hello to all of my readers!! i am so sorry i haven't posted much of late-- my desktop PC  decided to really started playing up.  from a windows issue to the pc  deciding not to recognizing by blu ray drive and my printer even thought they were connected and working.

then throw in the fact that at least 2 usb ports died and something was making a noise like a fan going out or something.. it would have been like finding a needle in a haystack due to not knowing where the main cause of the problem was.  so rather than replace one part and then have to turn around and socked more money into to additional parts due to the parts already in it not being compatible with the new part you purchased previously.

so,   we did some researching and pricing and i ended with something i have wanted years-- a laptop, and this one has enough oomph to play my sims 3 and 4 games..

i then spent the first day i had it charging it, and  playing around with it a little bit.  then the following day i went to transfer my files over to the laptop from the desktop and the stupid cable i had for doing it "effortlessly"  didn't work worth a darn. i ended up spending the better part of the following afternoon when my frustration level was down, using flash drives to get all of the files i needed to transfer off the desktop and on the laptop.

i don't mind telling you it took awhile, and then i had to figure out how to get my email working again and that took me till the day after i did the transfers.

the weekend was  spent getting used to using the laptop and working.

but i am back in business now  and  will be posting again.