Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Product Review Flameless Candles by candle impressions

Item: Set of 5 flameless candles by candle impressions

Color: soft ombre  blush pink

Size: there are 6 inch candles and 3 4 inch candles in this set-- the diameter is i believe around 3 inches on all 5 candles.

Batteries /size : yes, these do require batteries  that are not included-- you will need 2 "AA" batteries per candle.  (i am on the same set of batteries that i put in the candles after they arrived in november 2015-- it is now april 2016)

I love the look of candles, but strong scents both my allergies, and i am not comfortable with having real candles lit around the apartment at all.

i have the 2-- 6 inch ones on  on the end tables in my living room, one of the 4 inch ones tucked into my bookcase in the dining room, the other two 4 inch ones are in the room with my PC in it-- one on my PC desk and the other on top of the CD rack.

they look and flicker like real candles, the one on the bookcase fooled my dad at christmas LOL!

the candles have 3 settings: on, off and timer.  i have used the timer mode since i got them you turn them on at whatever time you want them to come on, and they will come on at that time every night  and stay on for 5 hours and then shut themselves off and stay off till its time for them to come on the next night.

the candles are made of real wax so i wouldn't suggest leaving them near a heat source :)

overall i am very happy with these candles and if you are interested in them they can be found here  CANDLE IMPRESSIONS SET OF 5 FLAMELESS CANDLES