Sunday, March 20, 2016

Book Bub Deals for 3/20/16

Kitchen Simple by James Peterson Kitchen Simple By James Peterson
Have a meal ready in less than an hour with these 200 exciting recipes from a seven-time James Beard Award winner! Traditionally time-consuming dishes like pot roast, ricotta ravioli, and eggplant parmigiano are streamlined to require less than 30 minutes of active prep time.
$1.99 $16.99
The Girl with No Name by Marina Chapman The Girl with No Name By Marina Chapman
Abducted and abandoned at the age of five, Marina grew up living among monkeys deep in a Colombian jungle. This memoir of her bizarre childhood is “thrilling, upsetting, and powerful… A coming-of-age tale like no other” (Publishers Weekly).
$1.99 $10.99
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