Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Starting to lose faith in Aladdin...

a couple weeks back i did a post praising the Aladdin company for their prompt friendly customer service and for the  fact that they were gng me a new water bottle for free (due to the one i had that was supposed to shatterproof/unbreakable  breaking)

i was told it would come via ups, and it would arrive in 7-10 business days.... yesterday was business day #11, and i still haven't received it, and i am  pretty irritated.
4pm last night  5 hours+  later i got a generic response saying it was being looked into and they would get back to me... there have been no posts since. i also emailed them cause i was unsure about FB page.

all i got from my email was a generic generated thing saying my case would be assigned to someone soon and they would be in touch with me.

I have hear nothing this is also business day #12 and no bottle. i am pretty irked.

I will update when/if i get a response.

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