Monday, November 2, 2015

A GREAT Big Thank you to Aladdin!

I bought a reusable water bottle in June of this year if i remember correctly.. i loved the fact that it was easy to fill and easy to clean.  the fact that looked like a bottled water  bottle was a nice touch.

i used it every day at work. until last thursday when it slipped out of my hand as i went to the drinking fountain to fill it..

the bottom of the bottle broke at an angle and there is a crack running from where it broke all the way up to just under where  you unscrew it to put ice in it. i mean a couple inches higher and the bottle would have been in 3 pieces!

i was stunned to say the least as the bottle was touted as shatterproof/unbreakable!

i contacted aladdin via their facebook page as soon as i got home and they responded with an email address.

i dropped them an  email and had a reply in a timely matter requesting info from me--i filled it in and sent it back.

that evening i got a phone call from aladdin and they are replacing my bottle free of charge, and shipping free as well. i should have the replacement in 7-10 business days.

i just wanted to give them a kudos for their great customer service.

my poor bottle :(