Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Update on ow my wrist is doing 10/6/15

 My treatment at the chiropractor went well, yesterday, still have to wear the wrist support at work.  she is hoping to start weaning me off that after my appointment next week. :)

She also gave me the go ahead to use my PC mouse for no more than 15-20 min in a PC session. hoping to increase it after next weeks appointment.  so my posts should be a little more frequent and a little more plentiful this weeks. as my  real life allows.

haven't gotten my fulls sized keyboard and mouse back out yet. as i am still teaching myself to use this keyboard with the touchpad, i am slowly getting better at it, also waiting on a couple gift cards so i can order myself a wrist rest.

hope you all have a great week and enjoy my posts.