Monday, October 26, 2015

Book Bub Deals For 10/26/15

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DIY Pickling by Rockridge Press DIY Pickling By Rockridge Press
Pickling is an essential part of food traditions and a wonderful way to preserve a harvest. Learn to master this time-honored technique with over 100 delicious pickling recipes from various cultures, troubleshooting guides, insider tips, and more!
$0.99 $6.99

Reluctant Hero by Michael Benfante and Dave Hollander Reluctant Hero By Michael Benfante and Dave Hollander
“Humbling and courageous” (The San Diego Union-Tribune). The true story of an American hero who brought a disabled woman down 68 flights of the World Trade Center to safety — and the emotional hard times that followed.
$1.99 $16.99
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