Monday, September 14, 2015


Product Name: Mellow Yellow
Product Brand: Sally Hansen
Product Line: Hard as nails- xtreme wear
Price range- Affordably priced

--The price was really good
-- i like the shade of yellow

- watery, very watery
- not opaque
- disappointed with finished look

My Thoughts:  Overall i give this product an F! as in FAIL!!  i am a Minnesota Vikings fan and i wanted to do my nails in the team colors so i painted them purple, and  then did gold polka dots using mellow yellow-- the first thing i notices was how runny and watery the polish was(i have a couple other colors in the line and they are not like that at all)

the second thin i noticed was that the color did not seem to be turning opaque as it dried, which resulted in me having to do additional coats to try and get it that way...

after 3 coats of mellow yellow on the dots the purple still bled through  and left me feeling disappointed and frustrated not to mention where i did the dots feels like i have raised  dots on my nails. now i have to try and find a different shade of yellow from another brand and spend more money and then take more time (Likely wednesday when i am off) and get all the polish off my nails and start fresh  cause there is no way i can get yellow off with out taking off purple.)

I have contacted Sally Hansen Via their FB page and am about to go to their web page and contact them there as well, i will update  if and when they respond to me.


I FINALLY  got a a response from the company that owns sally hansen.. and they apologized saying their products are mad with strict quality standards... as a gesture of goodwill they said in 12-14 days i will be getting a $5 coupon,   they also told me if i run into a problem with a product again to send it back to them so they can investigate  it..