Monday, August 24, 2015

my buzzwhale links for 8/24/15

My dear readers--  as you may have noticed i have been putting  links for buzzwhale  on my blog-- this is a great site for which i will be posting links  for different items. think of it as browsing  a store ad. i earn money when people click on my links (or open one of them in their browser) let the page load ...  in the bottom right corner an orange box will appear with a smaller black box in that says  yes will be in it-- please click yes, it will then bring up a a box with es  things to click to prove you are not a robot then click proceed  and once it pops up and says i was rewarded  you are done.  REMEMBER ONLY ONE LINK CAN BE  "YES'D"  IN A 24 HOUR PERIOD

any help from you readers is greatly appreciated! <3